Welcome to Blockchain & Society, a research project on the societal impact of blockchain technologies.

We hope to find answers to the following questions:

  • What internal factors contribute to the success of a blockchain application?
  • How does society adopt blockchain?
  • How to regulate blockchain?



Blockchain & Society is funded by the European Research Council.

Latest news

Blockchain & Society

Welcome. Blockchain & Society is a EU funded 5 year research project on the societal impact of blockchain technologies. The project will start in early 2018, I’ll post news and updates, and especially job postings here as the preparations progress.

The team

My name is Balazs Bodo, and I am the PI of this project. I’m a research scientist at the Institute for Information Law, University of Amsterdam.  I am a 2 time Fulbright Scholar (2006-7, Stanford University; 2012 Harvard University), and a former Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellow (2013-15). I have a strong interdisciplinary background, Having a degree in Economics (MSc, Corvinus University, 1999), and a PhD in Media Studies (ELTE, 2011). In recent years I have worked on copyright piracy, and algorithmic information personalization.


Find me on the IViR website, on UvA, on Twitter, on ORCID, on SSRN, and on my personal webpage.

If you want to be on the team, check out the research plan, the open positions, and send me a mail: bodo@uva.nl.