H2020 ICT-32-2018 STARTS – The Arts stimulating innovation

Combining art and legal research is not a usual thing, but I think artists are the avant-garde of the developments that law is the rear-guard of.

Let’s think about how we can combine law and art research!


Challenge:The ever-increasing role of technology in our daily life offers huge potential for added value for our society. Artists can help unleash this potential. They can help shape a better relation of technology and humans and stimulate human-centred innovation through their transversal competencies and unconventional thinking. The challenge of the S+T+ARTS=STARTS program – innovation at the nexus of Science, Technology and the Arts – is to better address innovation in industry and society by engaging artists in European R&I projects to explore unconventional art-inspired solutions to industrial/societal problems.Scope:The topic will support art-driven innovation in European R&I projects by inclusion of artists in research consortia.

Source: STARTS – The Arts stimulating innovation